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Free Trial Policy (Updated - Jul 28, 2013)

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Free Trial Policy (Updated - Jul 28, 2013)

Post by divine2007 on Wed Jun 27, 2012 08:01 AM

Free trial is temporary not available due to Adena farmer.
If you want to test, You can PM direct to DEV.
We will consider case by case.

1) How to get free trial?
Any new game account will automatically get free trial.
The reasons that why you do not receive free trial are:
1a) Your game account name is used by the other user (May be on other region/servers)
2a) You use it in the other L2Divine account.

2) How long can you use free trial game account?
7 days

3) How many game account to get free trial?
You will get 3 game accounts per L2Divine account.

NOTE: The main purpose of the trial is to get familiar to L2Divine. If you think that given days is not enough to learn L2Divine, then register new account and get one more free trial day on it.
If L2Divine team decide to change this policy, then appropriate message will be shown here.

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