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L2Divine 11.9.1 Installer for Salvation

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L2Divine 11.9.1 Installer for Salvation

Post by gyo on Mon Oct 23, 2017 07:58 AM

Hi, all

I made L2Divine Installer for Salvation (146 for KR, 140 for JP & TW) (and Classic) Server users.


Feature (ditto):
- need nothing else without this to download (Guidebook including)
- Dat language selectable for Japanese, Taiwanese(, Korean and Thai) users
- l2divine.ini is safety (not overwrite, not delete and not add new key without Lang, UI, WinTitle and EnableGameGuard...)
- Uninstall all eazily (without l2divine.ini and any files u added)
- u can run L2Divine from Start menu or Desktop shortcut
- 68.9 MB large :p (more than half of size is MAP!)
- u can update easily (only run installer)
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