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The Features
L2Divine is now in its 6th major version. Version 10.x supports for latest choronicle GoD - Goddess of Destruction with multiple-function to advance your character level including battle, fishing and trading.
  • Support for oog and ig mode.
  • Auto battle with multiple area supported.
  • Multiple-battle mode.
  • Multiple-battle style.
  • Automatic buff/heal/debuff yourself, teammate and servitor.
  • Multiple-conditions for rest your character.
  • Multiple-conditions for logout including when found GM, player, enemy, clanwar ...
  • Multiple-conditions for attacking monster and picking up item.
  • Alert with sound and balloon message.
  • Auto leveling pet.
  • Auto response to player's private message.
  • Auto de-level.
  • Auto fishing.
  • Auto trading.
  • Ability to scan item in player private store.
  • Ability to automatic buy/sell item.
  • Scripting
  • Support multiple private server.
  • Database for item drop/spoil and NPC location
  • Multi language supported for guide book and user interface
Read the guide book and discover our forum for more detail.

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