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L2Divine was first created by Dev in June 2006 and released version 6.0 to the public under the GNU General Public License in Oct 2007 (Versioning by Lineage II chronicle, in fact it just version 1.0), it gained popularity very quickly, and by December of the same year v7.0 was released with coming of The Kamael. Three additional major releases 7.x were made in Jan-Jun 2008. During this time, the development team was expanded. Due to financial issue, In August 2008, L2Divine change major policy from Free-2-Play to Support-2-Play.
Next additional major releases 8.x were made in Jan-Sep 2009 with coming of Gracia Final. 8.5.x were made in Nov 2009 for Gracia+ (Epilogue). In July 2010, major releases 9.x were made for Freya and release minor version for HighFive in Jan 2011

L2Divine was renamed to ProjectDivine in August 2010 with released of AionDivine v1.x.
After the new project - AionDivine - was failed. It naming back to L2Divine in May 2011.

In November 2011, major releases 10.x were made for Goddess of Destruction and release minor version for GoD-Chapter 2 Tauti in April 2012

The Team
Development Team: Dev, Zariche.
Moderator Team: Zutsu, Gyo, L2Dap, Kagetaze, Landford
Donator and Supporter
The following is a list of Donator and Supporter who have contributed to the L2Divine project.

alexsilk, amongus, ares, aria, asdfghjkl1, asuskpo, batmantwo, blamenos, bluedragon, bobzool, Boom, botter101, brdrx, chaam, chipmunk098765, chouno, coolcat, crucco, DAdena, darkjavier, darkwhisper, dazdncnfusd, deathhunter, deMEV, diaskun, dmitry501, dogboydog, driss, epitelous, escarima, ezvra, fireball, Firemaster, fuzzy, ganrecon, GM_Otress2S, hero2518, jackbean, jimmytan, joemail101, joo55555, juice, junk12345, kaitooner, kengkaj, kitz, Kracik, l2odyssey, Leon, lordnazgul, mandachumbo, manop555, martyn, mistwalker, mpstorralba, multireset, nampuengs, netstat28, nookonline, npittas, null, nunorocha, olala, oldschoolGH, patipatpet, peedmp, philophob, philowneus, prajak2005, Pyro, qwer1234, ratrawee, redfox, REGEVA01, Rein, robinhot, rtsd, Savian, seespotrun, skcritical, Slaatcain, Slayoo0, smirnoff, sompob66, sueboonkiat, superscav, suris, Swift, swpw4444, teodeep, Thornton, trista, univonc1, unrevealer, varacolaci, Vidocq, volkswagen1914, volkwagen2180, vyperin, Warrior89, WolfeuR, wutkorravich, xilb9, yayawannee, Yuri2029, zakzakar, freena, GreyCardinal, Divine2007, Freebot

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